Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the Heat of the Day

The scorching heat of the sun
on a hot and cloudless day
is enough to keep one indoors
and avoid the great outdoors.
The only consolation
is the occasional wind
that blows so gently.
This is when there is wish
that we had more big trees
with large canopies
to green and cool the earth.

In the heat of the day,
while clothes dry faster,
the young leaves of plants get
scorched and wilt.
In the heat of the day,
evaporation happens on a faster rate
and humidity goes up.
In the heat of the day,
we dread walking in the streets
which are now full of shady people
but so lacking in shady trees.

Majestic Trees

Trees are majestic in nature.
They grow strong and tall,
creating large canopy
to provide shade and shelter
for the many beings
which make trees their home.
They grow very old and wise
leaving a trail of stories
on their trunks and roots.
They are Earth's heritage
to the beings that call
Earth their home.

But alas, many majestic trees
are not allowed to grow
in the throne they sit on.
Many majestic trees
have been chopped down
in the name of development.
Many trees have been made
into pieces of furniture or home fittings.
Many trees have been turned
into pulp and paper.

In place, some trees are replanted.
But it takes years to replace
what has been taken out.
Some trees are replanted
but of a different kind,
the kind that is not of the place,
the kind that is from some place else,
the kind that does not provide
the shade and shelter of
what used to be.

It is sad to see such cruelty
made on Mother Nature,
when she has kept us
well fed and protected,
to see majestic trees felled
by a race which is superior
to the animal kingdom.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trees are Sacred

Trees are sacred,
trees are timeless.
Trees provide,
trees survive.
Trees are strong,
trees are flexible.
Trees shade,
trees shelter.
Trees make green and cool
a bright hot day.

Birds love trees,
trees are their homes,
trees provide them food,
trees provide their young shelter.

Trees can heal,
hug a tree.
Trees give us the oxygen we need to live.
Love a tree, plant a tree.

Watch the trees,
the leaves rustling gently in the breeze.
If there are no trees, there would be no birds.
If there are no birds, there would be no chirping.
If there are no chirping, there would be no earth.

Memories of the Past

Sitting by the window,
I have recollections of the past,
when I used to work
in a large organization.
I was an analyst,
numbers was my game.
Stare at numbers did I
all day and all night
to make sense of  what
the numbers are.
Facing challenges from
the many people in the organization
I had to know what I was talking about.
Tell it to their faces I would
not beat around the bush.
That made my days numbered
as I realized truth is not always valued.
People prefered to save face
and not want to hear the truth.

Now as I sit by my window
recovering from depression,
I see the past like watching a movie
with me as an actor.


Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles.
The afternoon sky darkens.
The air cools down suddenly.
The branches of the trees sway
with the breath of the wind.
The birds rush home.
We await the rain which is yet to fall.
The wind quickens.
More flashes and rumblings.
Cars go by with headlights on.
More wind.
A small drizzle starts.
Pitter, patter.
The rain starts to fall.
Louder and louder.
Heavier and heavier.

In the quiet of the night

In the quiet of the night,
my family is fast asleep.
I can hear them breathing
and snoring.
The fan is whirling.
The frogs are croaking.
It is all so peaceful.