Tuesday, July 31, 2012

365 Cards Day 151 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

This sketch is just so radiant.  It is like two suns shining at each other.  My card speaks the same "radiate love and light".  I cut out the sun image using the well used Spellbinders' Carnation die cut on a white card and mounted it on a yellow cardbase.  The sun radiates light with butterflies and jewels.

The bright flower is Irene's Bag O Blooms.  The leaves reach for the sun with Hero stamps in Momento Dew Drops Bamboo Green and New Spout.

May your days be blessed with love and light.

Monday, July 30, 2012

365 Cards Day 150 ~ I've Been Framed

Create a frame for your card, but not just any frame...
This one should have lots of embellishment in two corners.  You can use anything you want, but let's get fancy with it.

After pulling my hair out on Mondrian and going bonkers with Color Scheme, this challenge was quite a settling one, so settling that I used the blues and inserted a photo of my boys in the card.  Let's hope this fits the bill.

365 Cards Day 149 ~ Color Scheme

Argh.... I'm going bonkers... three cards to make from over the weekend and no inspirations!!!  Found a piece of patterned paper that kind of suit two of the colors (maroon and mauve) and pasted it on white cardbase.  Tied a length of dark brown grosgrain ribbon, cross wise with a bow at the centre of the cross.  Wedged a piece of tan colored card for a small sentiment or string of hearts.  Completed the card with two light brown jewels.  I love the bow on the cross.  X marks the spot!!

365 Cards Day 148 ~ Mondrian

Many challenges ago we had one that paid tribute to the artist Piet Mondrian.  It was such fun I thought we'd revisit the challenge since have so many new card makers joining us since then.  So, all you have to do is use his style to inspire your card.

Never heard of Mondrian before this.  Googled for info on him and found out that he is a Cubist artist. Used black color pencil in draw the lines but it turned out grainy.  Used black marker to make the lines bolder.  Colored in red, yellow and blue in pencils.  Looks so amateurish (not a good effort, limited by time) but it is the best I can do.  Stamped in "thank you" in Brilliance Archival Graphite Black.

Friday, July 27, 2012

365 Cards Day 147 ~ Playing the Odds

The purpose of this challenge is to create a card that has an odd number of each type of element.  You can use as little or as much as you want of anything, as long as it adds up to an odd number.

My card uses
1 patterned paper
1 ribbon and 1 bow
5 buttons (2 BW flower button, 2 hears and 1 flower pot)
1 die cut and embossed paper (scalloped edging)
1 fishtail
3 main colors (brown, green, black)
3 shades of brown (dark for ribbon, medium and terracotta for the pot)
1 neutral color (white)

The sketch I followed is MFTGUESTDT0812.

This card is also submitted for Stampin' Royalty Challenge #134 ~ Buttons.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

365 Cards Day 146 ~ Geometry

We want to see three shapes - any three different shapes - on your card.

The shapes I have on the card are square (polka dot paper), rectangle, circle (flower) and oblong (sentiment).  The card follows Mojo Monday's MOJO251.

365 Cards Day 145 ~ Overlapped

I'm up today with my take on a challenge called "Overlapped"
That means that we want to see every element on your card overlapping at least one other item on the card.  You can use any theme and any design elements you wish, as long as every component overlaps another component.

I found a very suitable sketch from Cardabilities for this challenge and followed it quite closely.  

Used Spellbinders' Carnation Creations to die cut the palm fronts and Cosmo Cricket Salt Air paper for the tree trunks and grass.  The clouds are hand cut freestyle.  It looks like a hot tropical day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

365 Cards Spotlight Designer for Day 139

Hurray!  My card was spotlighted for Day 139.  Thank you 365 Cards for the recognition.

365 Cards Day 144 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

Just realized looking at the DTs' cards that we can change the shapes in a sketch!  That leaves me some flexibility rather than sticking so closely to the sketch.

The green polka dot paper is chiyogami paper which is vellum, I feel.  The flower is cut with Spellbinders' Carnation Creations, using Cosmo Cricket Salt Air Mini Deck papers.  For 3D effect, I curled the petals of the flower, mounted it on the card and slotted in the leaves, curled slightly.  Placed 3 jewels beside the flower and stamped Hello in Momento Dew Drop Bamboo Green.

I found a complementing sketch on Paper Players PP105 and thought it was nice to combine two rather similar sketch challenges in one.  This card is also suitable for Freshly Made Sketches FMS 44 which I am late for and missed submission (just putting it in here for fun).

Monday, July 23, 2012

365 Cards Day 143 ~ Opposite Day

And for this opposite, we're looking for something soft and something hard on your card.

I have two things soft and two things hard, depending on how one sees it.  Firstly, the things physically soft and hard are the ribbon (soft) and the pendant on the ribbon as a clasp (hard).  Secondly, the colors of the butterflies from hard to soft.  Brown is hard and heavy.  The colors of the butterflies lightens, softens as it takes flight.  Something like "When the going gets rough, the tough gets going".  The card is simple and reminds me of John Denver's song Fly Away.

365 Cards Day 142 ~ Color Scheme

Each time I see a color combo challenge, I fret because I am not sure if I got the colors right or a good layout/sketch.  So I scour for sketches from other challenges which I think fit the bill.  For this 365 Cards Color Combo, I found Card Positioning System's CPS275 which I like for its simplicity.

Found this lovely patterned paper among my stash (the back of a writing pad I got from Hyatt Regency) which I thought fits two of the colors.  Mounted a measure of blue white grosgrain ribbon.  Die cut two scalloped circles on the Cuttlebug and pasted them on.  Got three cream colored buttons of different shapes and sizes and mounted two on the scalloped circles, and the third large one in between.  In the large button, I placed a baby blue square button tied with twine.  The card is kept stamp free to keep it clean.

Friday, July 20, 2012

365 Cards Day 141 ~ Delicate

I made the origami gown using white paper doilies as a delicate lace wedding gown.  The gown is embellished simply with some pearls and jewels and lilac ribbon.  The bouquet of white roses is shaped like a heart.  The card is left all white to reflect the purity of a white wedding.  The message inside is just a simple Congratulations.

365 Cards Day 140 ~ Layered Stamps

This challenge is all about layering stamps, specifically background stamps.  You can layer as many as you like, and if you don't have background stamps, you can use any type of stamp.

I am not yet a good stamper.  My collection of stamps is still rather limited compared to many of you out there, and I do not have any background stamps just yet.  I wasted some good paper trying it out (disastrously) before I decided to improvise and hand die-cut a tree trunk out of a piece of card.  But instead of using the cut out as a stamp, I used the card as a stencil and stamped ink through the cut out using brown ink.  Stamped through 3 tree trunks (tongue twister) and stamped Hero Art's leaf fronts away in 2 shades of green.

Used 2 methods of applying the grass.  First, I stamped the bottom stalks of a flower bunch stamp in Momento Dew Drops New Sprout, then I used the edge of Momento Dew Drops Bamboo Leaves green.  The little meadow flowers are part of a Hero Art stamp.    I had to stamp a message but had nothing which reflects nature or trees, so I chose Hero Art's "enjoy life" in place.  The dragonflies were an after thought.  Should have just stamped a couple instead of 7.

I love nature and I love trees!

365 Cards Day 139 ~ Twisted

And the challenge for today is called "Twisted" because we're looking for a braided or twisted material, such as floss, ribbon, twine or something similar.

Tried braiding 3 colors of 1/8 ribbons in red/white/blue and a macrame bracelet but neither turned out neat, so I decided to try twisting twine over a rectangular card which was cut with a scalloped scissors and inked golden brown.  Looks more like lacing but I think it should do.  Cut a piece of patterned paper, pasted it on the left column of an off white card and mounted the laced up card.  Pieced this flower together using Spellbinders' Carnation Creations on paper and inked them on the edges.

This card roughly follows Card Positioning System sketch CPS274.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

365 Cards Day 138 ~ Imagine This: Enchanted

A few images flashed in my mind when I thought of the word "enchanted" ~ The Frog Prince, Rapunzel, Beauty and the Beast.  All the fairy tales I grew up with and movies by Disney.  

I used the latest sketch by Retro Sketches rs#20 for this card.

I found this delightful sticker of Mrs Pots and Chip in my collection of goodies, stuck it on a cardstock and cut it out.  I enhanced the colors to make it brighter.  Cut the two pieces of papers, one patterned and the other embossed and laid them down.  Mounted Mrs Pots and Chip on an angle and added Petaloo's Velvet Hydangeas with leaves.  Finished the card with some gold dust glue squiggles and dots over Chip.  It is a happy looking card on Chocolate and Blue.

Monday, July 16, 2012

365 Cards Day 137 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

Combined this challenge with CAS-ual Fridays CFC61
CFC61: Use strips of color or pattern in your Clean And Simple creation

I loved making this card, late as it is after a very busy weekend of No Cardmaking.  The stripey paper is from Raspberry Road Designs Luxury Paper Collection, and my strips of colors are the yellow and green.  Made the dahlia flower using Spellbinders die cuts on the Cuttlebug.

365 Cards Day 136 ~ Roll the Dice

Roll a pair of dice, and whatever number pops up is the number of embellies you can add to your card.  That doesn't not include patterned paper, stamps or sentiments.  Things like buttons, ribbon, bling, etc. are what counts.

My lucky number is three (3)

Simplicity at its best, 3 heart flowers in pink each with a pearl centre,
3 sprigs of leaves, 3 words You're the best, all CAS and white.

365 Cards Day 135 ~ Color Scheme

I must admit that I am not very good with color combo challenges as I do not always have the exact colors and then spend time fretting about it.  But I can only do so much and do my best interpretation.  For this challenge, I made 2 cards, with using layouts that I thought of myself.  Both use the same papers and treatment, but each layout is different.  The 1st is done in portrait while the 2nd is in landscape.  Personally, I prefer the 2nd card as it feels more pulled together with the double butterfly fluttering away.  Which do you choose?

Friday, July 13, 2012

365 Cards Day 134 ~ Fun with Food

For this card, I used this lovely patterned paper which I downloaded from Cardmaking and Papercraft sometime back with images of muffins (I do not have any food stamps).  Overlaying it on pink base cut with zig zag scissors, I tied a bow with bakers twine.  Cut out a larger cupcake and mounted it on the top right, embellished with a heart on a heart.  Added more trinkets and jewels to jazz it up with fun.

Time for treats!

365 Cards Day 133 ~ Misty

I have never used mists before for my cards, so I decided to try this one out with an old Dermologica spray bottle with some water, gum, paint and glitter dust.  Oh dear, the glitter dust blocked the spray nozzle!  So that batch was wasted (so was the spray).  Then I tried it with just water and paint and it worked!

Spritz the card with this light blue tone for the sky and added on this large flower to depict the sun(flower).  Die cut the leaves with the Cuttlebug.

The sun(flower) is the image I thought of the CASology's challenge for week 1.  How brilliant!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

365 Cards Day 132 ~ 3 Fonts

Made this card with sketch from Freshly Made Sketches

and colors from The Paper Players

Even though there is a theme, a sketch and colors to match, it is quite challenging (and fun) to make a card as  we still need to think about it so that it all fits in nicely.  This card took about an hour to make (phew).  Wonder how long it takes the experts.  Anyway, the sentiment says it all "Easy as abc".  Hardy har har!!

Patterned papers are from Raspberry Road Designs, "abc" tag from K&Company, the word "easy" using EK Success Image Tree alphabet stamps, the word "as" cut out from a brochure.  Added the 3 jewels for balance.  Kind of rustic romantic.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dressed Up in Buttons and Bows ~ RCC61

This card is made for Ribbon Carousel Blog RCC61.

I was looking at some fine cards posted on Pininterest last night and caught sight of a card which had this lovely origami dress hanging on a clothes line.  I followed the link to youtube and made a dress out of origami paper from Daiso for this card. Because the dress is just gorgeous with the button and bow, I decided to leave the rest of the card clean.  I hope you like it.  A dress fit for a princess.

You're the Best, MOJO249 and DD#10

I always like combining the best of two worlds, in this case,

This card was made with the aid of the Cuttlebug embosser on plain colored papers, and a piece of patterned paper cut out of a paper pack that came with papercraft essentials magaszine for June.  The card took over an hour to complete as it required some precision embossing and cutting.  The sentiment is stamped twice for a shadow effect.

Yahoo!! Spotlight Designer for Day 127

Happy to announce that one of my cards (money tree bonsai) got spotlighted on 365 Cards again for Day 127.  Such excitement and honor.  Thank you DTs for spotlighting my card.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

365 Cards Day 131 ~ Keep It Simple 3-2-1

This challenge is as easy as 1-2-3, or actually 3-2-1, as in
3 Embellishments, 2 Patterned Papers, and 1 Stamp

I just love this challenge, easy-breezy.
And I incorporated it with Hand Stamped Sentiments HSSTC126 FRUITY.

First, the 2 patterned papers ~ I cut out the panel of the fruity image from some paper my sister gave me and pasted it lengthwise.  The 2nd piece is cut out from a notebook I have that features fruits.

With remnants of the 2nd piece of paper, I stamped the 1 stamp Just For You.

The 3 embellishments are the very practical Flora Doodles florettes in the 3 dominant colors of the fruits.

The result: Tootie Fruitie Just For You.