Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a Blessed Easter!

I will be away for a weekend silent retreat in a heavenly place called Maranatha Retreat House in a pristine pine forest in Tanarimba, Janda Baik, Pahang. So this is my last take before a gadget n internet free weekend.  An Easter card.

Cutout colorful eggs from a downloaded paper, set them on cards and cut those out. On the white card base, i placed a piece of purple gingham paper on purple card for a box that has tipped over, spilling its contents of (guess what) Easter eggs.  Out of which one is hatched. The eggs and chick are mounted on for a 3D effect.
This card is made for the following challenges:-

Thursday, March 29, 2012

365 Cards Day 28 ~ Let's Go Fly a Kite

I love flying kites with my sons.  We have collected quite a few, including three Angry Birds, a gift from my brother-in-law, Staffan.  We would love to fly kites more often but we have to travel away from the city to catch the wind in large open parks.

The kite I made is by layering pieces of paper to form the kite shape, straight cut for the front, zigzag for the back, with tails.  The layout is from Sketch #28-A Sketch by Lesley (FMS28).  Used a remnant piece of the same paper I have been using for the last 3 challenges (cos it's so pretty) on the left side of a lilac card, glued the kite in place, and placed 3 roses to complete the card (sketch).

I think we are set for a breezy spring day.
Freshly Made Sketches (FMS28)

This card is also submitted to

365 Cards Day 27 - My Beautiful Balloon(s)

The challenge balloons - any variety, shape or size

For this challenge, I sketched a balloon, cut it out, traced the shape on this lovely wrapping paper I got from a Malaysian printer called AEIOU and cut them out, glued them on card base (also cutouts), embellished them with ribbons n buttons, tied a piece of yarn on each of them and put them aside.  Then I put the base card together. Pasted two patterned papers on card base (a remnant scrap of the sky and a piece of paper torn from a notebook). Mounted a teddy cut out from an old Crabtree & Evelyn catalogue, mounted the balloons, and there we have it.

Have a fun filled day!!

This card is also submitted for CPS258.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

365 Cards Day 26 - Peace, Love & Happiness

The challenge Peace, Love, and Happiness

Despite slipping into a mild depression, feeling blue and weepy, I managed to firm myself and worked on this challenge. Incorporating the challenge with Mojo Monday's MOJO234, this is what I came up with.

Initial creation
Decided to amend the card.
Amended card

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

365 Cards Day 25 - Super Sketchy Sunday

The Sketch
Sketches are always fun to do as it gives you the layout to play with. I decided to incorporate this challenge with Stamptacular Sunday Challenge #156 : 3 B's (Blues, Bling & Butterflies).  Kept it really simple with the plain blue paper on white card.  The bouquet of paper flowers was bought a while back.  Two butterflies, the blue one on the top right and the embellished one clipped to the bouquet.  A congratulatory card for a wedding under the blue skies.

Also submitted for

Monday, March 26, 2012

365 Cards Day 24 ~ Fabulous Fonts

The challenge

Try to include at least 3 different fonts on your card. 

Here is a simple card to say Hello, Best Wishes, For You in 3 different fonts.  Hello and Best Wishes are stamped on.  Scalloped sakura paper, hearts ribbon in blue and cut out For You (with 2 small colorful flowers made from earrings) mounted on ribbon.  All on a off white card.  The other blue hearts ribbon (not meant to be there) was just placed on the card when I took the photo.

This card is also submitted for

A Box of Tricks
I'd like you to feature a box, or something box-shaped on your projects - it could be a 3D project, decorated box, box shaped embellishments...once you start thinking outside the box (!) you can come up with some fun ideas!

365 Cards Day 23 ~ Color Combo Recipe Card Just for You

The Challenge
It took me a while to work this one out and I took my time.  I had an idea of how I was going to make this card and let it flourish in my mind.  At the same time, I decided to incorporate this challenge with Allsorts Challenge Blog with their week 147 challenge Use a Cooking Recipe.  I like Jamie Oliver and his recipes so I took one old recipe I had printed out a while back, Cornish Cowboy Pasties.

So the card for a good friend who likes to cook and bake features the recipe.  I was not sure how the card would turn out so I kind of aged the look of the card with Versafine ink to make it feel used over time.  The ingredients and how-to tag can be taken out for east of reference.

Yummy looking card

Friday, March 23, 2012

365 Cards Day 22 ~ DIY (sticker embellishment)

The challenge
for this Do-it-Yourself challenge, let's try creating an embellishment using a sticker.

Used a Mothers' Day patterned paper which I downloaded from some time ago.  Opened up an old silk rose I found in the storeroom, placed MOMOYO's doily sticker on a card and cut it out, mounted it onto the centre of the rose.

My first option was a big card with two roses.  But I was not too happy with it.  So I took it apart but only after I snapped a photo of it.

Initial card
I then decided to make a smaller card so that the rosette with doily sticker centre is emphasized.  Trimmed everything paper down, smudged the edges with Bobby Brown eye shadow again and mounted the rosette, and voila, a neat cut for Mother's Day or even a sister's birthday.

Also submitted to Flower Creations GGSC106

365 Cards Day 21 ~ You're Included

Challenge says
Sticker (at least one),
Ink (you can apply this anyway you want),
and at least one piece of patterned paper.

Ink.  Ink!  Ink?  I had no inkling to what ink was to card making.  So I googled and searched for what it is instead of using poster color or color pencils.  Ahh.. stamping ink.  Stamping ink?  But I ain't got any!!  Hold your horses, just go out and get some.

So I decided to take a day off card making yesterday, held on to see what Day 22 was all about, and went window shopping at 1-Utama.  I walked around fast and with determination.  I had to get some ink (and some nice stickers).  Found Craft Haven and spent about an hour in the shop, looking at everything they had.  Finally picked up Versafine pigment ink in smokey gray and 2 foam stamps.  Went over to Jusco and got some stickers, including MOMOYO puffy stickers (pink lace).

Got home to prepare dinner for the family.  I wanted to start designing the cards after dinner but then Joey (my youngest) decided he wants to make a alternative card for his Godma as he was not happy with the one he made earlier.  So I spent time guiding him with his card first.  And here it is.

Godma's new birthday card on left, present on right
So I actually started on Day 21 card this morning.  First, I inked the base card with the Versafine pigment ink in smokey gray, then I imprinted 2 flowers on another piece of card and cut them out.  Colored one in pink/purple and smudged the other with ... guess what, my old Bobby Brown eye shadows!!!  Then I decided to smudge the card all over with Bobby Brown.  Placed 2 pieces of patterned papers over a pink ribbon, placed the cutout stamped flowers and mounted them on.  The sticker used is a sakura flower sticker from MOMOYO which is first stuck on card and then cut out and mounted on.

I must say the card looks rather Japanese, like a folded kimono.  So here is to springtime...

Also submitted to Flower Creations GGSC106 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

365 Cards Day 20 You're Invited

An invitation card to an Easter egg hunt. Pasted birdies paper on yellow base, partially pasted eggs paper overlapping the birdies, leaving a pocket for the house shaped invitation, which can be removed and used as a gift tag or bookmark. The message on the tag can be stripped off later and anothe message can be written on it.

The house shaped tag was traced off a placemat and cut. The purple roof is added on with a flower. The colourful tassel gives the final touch.  Message is just bound on so that it can be removed.

Slip the tag in the pocket of the card and there we have a greeting card and a tag-bookmark invite for Easter.

Here is wishing all celebrating the Easter a blessed one!

Also submitted to for Challenge 102 Just Sentiments

2 Sisters Challenge 83 - Spots n Dots

Made this card from 3 types of patterned papers. Pasted the spotted paper alongside the pink dotted one on a dark pick base. Cut out two circles from Cosmo Cricket Mini Deck and placed a self made tassel through punched hole on each circle. Clipped the bookmark in place with a dotted teddy hair clip.

spots n dots

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

365 Cards Day 19 ~ All the Trimmings

This card needed some thinking.  I played around with the options but wanted to keep the paisley papers (3 different ones), the green ribbon and the coloured tassel (which can be removed and used as a bookmark) in the design.  Then added the 3 green crystals to complete the card.

The message : Have a wonderful and colourful birthday!!

I incorporated this challenge with for MOJO233 and for Week 146 ~ Three in a Row.

colourful splashing

Monday, March 19, 2012

365 Cards Day 18 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

The sketch

Yet another sketch turned into the creation of a fun card.  Drew a cartoon cruise ship on white art block, cut it out, coloured in what was necessary and tied a bunch of coloured strings for the tag.  Drew some waves for the ocean water, cut that out and pasted it on a blue card base.  Found a photo of a resort and slipped in on the card just behind the waves.  Slipped the ship tag on, placed a couple of dolphins and three hexagon crystals to finish it off.

The message : BON VOYAGE!!

The card I created

Sunday, March 18, 2012

365 Cards Day 17 - Shamrockin' It

Green is my favourite colour. Apt for St Patrick's Day.  While the occasion is not celebrated here in Malaysia, pubs (particularly the Irish ones) do publicize it.  Symbols for the day : the Leprechaun, the 3 and 4 leaved clover (which to use depends on you), the Leprechaun's hat, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So for the green theme, I cut out a hat shape (hand drawn) from green shimmery foam and tied 2 green ribbons around the rim.  Used a piece of patterned paper from a Korean notebook with the word "LUCK" imprinted on a border and pasted that on a green card base.  Made the shamrock (or clover) from green heart buttons and placed a jeweled trinket in the middle.  Finally clipped the hat with a green butterfly hair clip to the card.

There are lots of space left for additional sentiments, like Happy St Patrick's Day or May you be blessed with good fortune on this special day!

Also submitted to for Challenge #155 : Cute as a BUTTON! for Lucky Green

365 Cards Day 16 - Colour Scheme

Four colours to play with,
a butterfly to paint with,
jewels to garnish herewith.

Template from Greeting Card to make and treasure

Saturday, March 17, 2012

365 Cards Day 15 - All Smiles

At first, I thought of smileys and images with smiles for this card. Then I realised that sending and receiving cards give both sender and receiver great smiles, so I settled for a card made with love.

All smiles and warm happiness is made with a rustic red card base, a cutout from Cosmo Cricket, a part of paper doily, some flowers and jewels, and pinholes on the edges.

Also submitted to challenge #175 Doilies and Flowers

Friday, March 16, 2012

Totally Stampalicious: A Bouquet of Flowers!

Totally Stampalicious: A Bouquet of Flowers!: PSSSSSSSSSSTTT...... Hey, it's me! Becky (aka: auntbaba246), the other owner of Totally Stampalicious !  Guess what?  I just got off the ...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

365 Cards Day 14 - Pay Tribute To Your Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is not exactly a sport but more a way of life to healthy living. Yoga is used as a stretching exercise prior to sport so that the body limbers up.

So my card depicts yoga in its true nature, being present in the moment, in white and cream, plain and simple, no fuss or flux of life. Used pictures from an old yoga book I have. Sentiment from the same book. Cream paisley edge on left recycled from Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas catalogue. Ribbon also recycled. Jewelled trinket from wholesale accessories shop. This card is also submitted for Sentimental Sundays Challenge #93 Go Green or Recycle.

 I like the calmness and stillness the card portrays.  Dedicated this card to my primary school Convent classmate who is so into yoga now - Malika Ponniah.

ABC Challenge - L for Lavender and Lace

Something simple and whimsical for the challenge.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

365 Cards Day 13 - Call Me

This was yet another fun card to make. First I cut out an image of the iPhone 4 from an old magazine and glued it to a base. Then I made a pocket with a piece of scrap of a patterned paper using a bridging technique using the blue floral ribbon I have, made some pinholes on the bottom and top of the pocket, and place jewels at the bottom.

Using the same blue patterned paper, I cut out a note pad, penned down the words "Call me". Stamped a Bentley bear on the side and lightly coloured with colour pencil. Glued that in place on a white card base, mounted the pocket, placed the iPhone, added a flower on the side, and there we have it.

Also submitted to 

365 Cards Day 12 ~ Ad Inspired

The challenge
This challenge got me going last night from 9 when Derrick, my hubby, started the washing machine in preparation of the scheduled water cut today.  The laundry was to be done by 10.30 so I was happy to stay up while the rest of the family went to bed at 10.

At first, I needed to get a sketch of a sofa couch that I would like.  Googled Blue's Clues Steve's Chair but did not get the image I wanted.  So I looked around for pictures or photos of something I would like.  Finally traced it off Susan Branch's scrapbook, cut it out on shiny embossed ivory paper and shaded in the outline.  Cut out purple shiny foam for the cushions and stuck in the flower and heart earrings.

This took me up to 11 to hang up the laundry.

Background is made up of two patterned paper scraps and blue ribbon.  Mounted the chair/sofa/couch on the background piece.  Then used a page off an old Moments Daily Quotes (@1997 by Heartland Samplers, Inc.), apt for this card, with some jewels on the fold, and slotted it in to complete the card.  It was only ready this morning.

Happy Home Warming!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

365 Cards Day 11 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

This challenge was super fun to do.  I basically used a light blue base card, a cutout of the squiggly square shape and sunhat from Susan Branch's scrapbook collection, pasted light blue shiny ribbon, floral ribbon, jewels and blue border (also Susan Branch), and completed the card with three paper roses.  The sunhat was mounted on for a 3D effect.

Message : "Have a breezy day and blue skies!!"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

365 Cards Day 10 - Happy Birthday, BFF

This was a challenge I quite like. Good friends are hard to come by. The need to listen and care without any condition or judgment. One or two of a kind.

I used a cloud print from the same wrapper which had the rainbow I placed on the tag. The cutouts of the birds are from a scrapbook kit by Karla Dornacher.

The message - "Birds of a feather flock together, but you and I share THE BEST, everlasting friendship.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!".

Also submitted this card for feathers and fur challenge.

365 Cards Day 9 - Tag, You're It

A simple tag made with a rainbow print from a wrapper, a sticker of two birds perched on a branch, hand drawn leaves and twigs with colour pencil, glitter, and ribbons to complete the tag.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

365 Cards Day 8 - Circle Up

This challenge got me started with round objects and cutouts of patterned papers. I toyed with different layouts for the longest while but it just did not gel together. Then during dinner, an idea popped in my head to use water colour prints with natural sponge.

Cut out two circles from an old sponge, blotted them with paint and stamped away. To complete the card, I used three types of ribbons and topped it with a piece off my old bracelet, a mother of pearl thingamagic.

What do I call it? A burst of celebration, a celebration of colours.

Friday, March 9, 2012

365 Cards Day 7 ~ Colour Scheme

What can one do with the colours purple, ivory or light green and teal?  I had lots of ideas (mainly to do with celtic and art nouveau because of the rich colours) but did not have the right material as I am barely two weeks into card making (hence, insufficient collection of papers, tools and embellishments) - hope it does not sound like I am complaining.

So I got this new material called glittered foam in the three colours and attempted cutting them up without the right appliance.  Finally settled with just cutting straight lines to avoid wastage (practical approach is best).  The creation - Teal and light green glittered foam with shiny purple paper and lime green shiny ribbon, tossed in three purple felt flowers with light green pearls, and four handmade flowers to complete the look.

I suddenly hear a whisper in my head ~ Celebrate!!!  Life is brilliant!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

365 Cards Day 6 ~ Keep it Simple

Phew!  This was a really tough one for me.  I must say I pulled hair for a while thinking how I was going to do it (or miss a day!).  I tried stamping with a bangle I had, then with a leaf, then thought for a minute to use gauze paper with hearts stamped around.  Overlay that on a patterned paper and decorate it with 3 embellishments, and voila!!  I did it!!

Message I felt from the beginning "Home is where the heart is" or more apt "Home is where love blossoms" as represented by the hearts and flowers.

Love and light...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

365 Cards Day 5 - Splattered

I am now totally hooked to 365 card challenges.  It is amazing how I look forward to reading each challenge each day and view all the entries, each totally creative.  So when I saw Day 5 challenge "Splattered", I was excited.  It did not take me long to spot, blobblot and splatter some paint onto the little piece of white card.  Then it was piecing it together with a small piece of wrapping paper I got yesterday which was spot on with the theme.

For the 3D effect, I cut "droplets" from a paisley design out of my Cosmo Cricket deck, mounted them on for a splashing effect.

Making this card gave me a wonderful, happy feeling.  It was fun!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wooden Box Crafted by Johan aged 12

Last week, Johan, my 12 year old son came home with a wooden kit. He glued all the pieces together, screwed in the hinge and lock all by himself. Then he had a look at the embellishments I have in the box, picked out the pieces he needed and began painting the box. Shortly after the paint dried, he decorated the box.

This is his creation.

365 Cards Day 4 - Super Sketchy Sunday

My first sketchy Sunday is simple in view of the Lent season for peace in a troubled world.

Amended post

Initial post

365 Cards Day 3 ~ Pretty in Pink

Challenge for Day 3 proved to be challenging for me as I am not quite a pink person.  It took a while to piece the puzzle together with all the pink stuff I could collate in a short while.  I "recycled" some leftover material which I had used previously (so some of the stuff are related to my recent creations).

I would call this card "In the Pink of Health" with the smiling Matryoshka doll as something which symbolizes good health and longevity to me as it is often given as a keepsake gift.  The doll stands out in 3D and so does the pink flower on her head.

I hope you like this card.

Love and light.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birthday Card for a Good Friend

Since I decided to make cards as a hobby, I undertook to start sending physical cards to family and friends (subject to availability of home addresses). So the idea to send a card to a good friend for her birthday took "birth". It took me about an hour to make it.

So to Lai Leng, have a blessed day and year ahead with many more to come.

365 Cards Day 2 - Imagine This "Sunrise"

This challenge got me to look at some of my colour pencil artwork which I did a few years ago.  I love nature and the outdoors and decided to mix different techniques to make the card (using my imagination).  I actually drew a mosaic sun in colour pencils directly on a white card, cut the leafy grass paper (by Cosmo Cricket) to overlay on part of the mosaic, stuck a sun face cutout taken from an old card (here's to recycling)  over the centre of the drawing of the sun, and pasted some floral embellishments to complete the look.  The sky is lightly coloured in shades of blue, purple and yellow (for the sun rays).

The message is "Have a beaming start to a bright sunny morning".

365 Cards Day 1 - New Beginnings

About a week and a half ago, I embarked on a new journey which would bring me into the wonderful world of colourful papers, scissors, lots of cutting, decorations called embellishments, theming and creativity. While I have dabbled with a bit of art and craft here and there, this was something which struck a cord. Somehow, a lovely being called Annie Ling (ring a ling), through her Facebook postings of her creations, got me interested in this hobby craft, paper craft.

I started during the tail end of the last 365 days of challenges with some very simple cards. My collection of papers and little decorations have grown quite a bit, having invested some amount of money on precious cargo. I have ventured to many craft and gift shops around town, checking out what is available and prices. It opened up my eyes to see the world of craft with different eyes (never imagined that I would get into a hobby like this). 

As encouragement came in from 365 Cards Facebook Page members, I decided to participate in the new 365 card challenge, hoping to create some cards which will bring smiles to people. So here's to a new beginning.

Love and light!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Cards and Such

After trying to get creative for a long while, after trying out pebble painting, after trying colouring pencils, after re-laying the garden all by myself, after digging my own fish pond, I finally found something that brought back some creativity in my life. Part of paper crafting, cards making is rather fun. It puts the brain to work after being a stay at home mom. No longer having to analyze stuff, now I am putting my imagination to good use.