Saturday, March 3, 2012

365 Cards Day 1 - New Beginnings

About a week and a half ago, I embarked on a new journey which would bring me into the wonderful world of colourful papers, scissors, lots of cutting, decorations called embellishments, theming and creativity. While I have dabbled with a bit of art and craft here and there, this was something which struck a cord. Somehow, a lovely being called Annie Ling (ring a ling), through her Facebook postings of her creations, got me interested in this hobby craft, paper craft.

I started during the tail end of the last 365 days of challenges with some very simple cards. My collection of papers and little decorations have grown quite a bit, having invested some amount of money on precious cargo. I have ventured to many craft and gift shops around town, checking out what is available and prices. It opened up my eyes to see the world of craft with different eyes (never imagined that I would get into a hobby like this). 

As encouragement came in from 365 Cards Facebook Page members, I decided to participate in the new 365 card challenge, hoping to create some cards which will bring smiles to people. So here's to a new beginning.

Love and light!

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  1. Nice soft colors! Thanks for playing at 365cards. Have fun!


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