Monday, November 23, 2009

Heal Thy Self

Jesus said "You too can be like me"
He meant that we all have
the ability to heal.
And we can because
the body is made up
of atoms which are devas.
The body has intelligence
and we have forgotten
about them, how to invoke them.
Instead we leave it to others,
huge pharmaceutical companies make the drugs,
doctors prescribe drugs,
people giving advice of what they perceive.
And we do not listen to ourselves,
what the body, mind and soul
are trying to tell us.

Heal thy self for a healthy self.
Call on the subtle energies,
create a positive energy field
to synthesize with the negative.
Balance yourself.
Love yourself.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This Moment

This moment is quiet, all are asleep
This moment feeling sleepless
This moment nothing comes to mind
This moment listening to light music
This moment is NOW

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fish in the Fish Pond

Marbled goby aka soon hock aka ketutu,
featherback aka sai tor hu aka belida,
tilapia, tilapia, tilapia.

They all swim around my fish pond
with two tortoises and some shrimps.
It is such an enjoyment to watch
the fish swimming in the fish pond,
to watch them play.

The pond is now doing well,
there is no need to make any major changes.
Just clean out the filter
every few days.

The fish are happy, the tortoises too.
It is so nice to see the tortoises
sunbathing in the afternoons.
I laugh to see them stretch out in the sun.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost in the World

for a few days
i was lost in the world
lost in my thoughts
i became weepy and sad
somewhat depressed
and had to find time alone

oh such despair to be lost in the world
lost in thoughts, lost in emotions
but all the time i was aware
that i was getting lost
like the lost sheep
looking for its shephard

fortunately i found myself again
and have somewhat rebounded
i was lost and then was found

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Green green grass of home

I am so into green.
Green is the new black.

What is so cool about green?
Gardening, composting, worms.
Worms dig into our soil,
Aerating the ground
To make it more fertile.

What is so cool about composting?
Waste not the organic waste.
Less waste for waste disposal.
More rich soil for the green garden.

Did you ever hear trees in the jungle
needing chemically produced fertilizers?
No, they just make do with composting.
Dead plants and animals turn into fertile humus
all in a good day's work.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hazy Days are Here to Stay

The weather is very hot.
There is hardly any rain.
Open burning is happening here and there.
Hazy days are here to stay.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Sky

I love looking at the sky, 
especially when it is full of clouds.  
The clouds tell us a story, 
if we are interested to watch out for it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Walk In The Park

I love trees.
I love parks.
I love walking in the park.
I love walking in the park under huge, magestic trees.
I love being under the canopy of a large tree.

The wind whispers in the tree.
The leaves on the tree flutter like butterflies.
The branches dance in graceful sways.
It's a wondrous sight to see and
a melodious sound of silence to listen to.

The birds chirp happily in the tree
that provides them shelter and home.
The squirrels scamper around
from ground to tree
looking for food and a hiding place.
Ants march along the trunk and branches
to their nest made of leaves.

Rain Dance Chant

Everytime it gets too hot for days
I do a rain chant.
Not exactly a rain dance
but just looking at the sky
so bright and cloudless
not even white clouds in sight.
I look beyond the hot day
and make an inner wish
for dark clouds and rain to come.
With the dark clouds come wind.
With wind comes a certain coolness in the air.

Lo and behold,
the clouds often come with the wind.
Then comes the lightning and thunder.
And finally the wondrous rain.
Sometimes it drizzles lightly
but a drizzle will not wash away
the hot, hazy, dusty day.
Sometimes it pours dogs and cats,
washing away sand and dirt from the road
in a torrential manner.
The fury of a tropical rainstorm.

When I was young, we were taught
to sing "Rain, rain, go away,
come again another day".
Now I sing "Rain, rain, come today,
wash away the dusty day".

Anytime The Rain

I give thanks to the Sun
for shining its radiant light on Earth.
The sun provides not only light
but energy for healing.
Plants need the Sun for photosynthesis.
The Sun helps the body produce vitamin E.
The Sun kills germs.

But when the Sun is too strong,
it gets very hot in the day.
Plants start to wilt.
The air gets dry and acrid.
The Earth gets dry and cracks.
Our skin gets burned.

Which is why I like the rain.
Rain provides us with the much needed water
and it cools, cleans, clears and cleanse the earth.
It waters the plants and streams run clear.
The clouds and the wind that build up before the rain
add colour and excitement
to an otherwise bright day.
I like the Sun but
anytime the rain is god sent.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the Heat of the Day

The scorching heat of the sun
on a hot and cloudless day
is enough to keep one indoors
and avoid the great outdoors.
The only consolation
is the occasional wind
that blows so gently.
This is when there is wish
that we had more big trees
with large canopies
to green and cool the earth.

In the heat of the day,
while clothes dry faster,
the young leaves of plants get
scorched and wilt.
In the heat of the day,
evaporation happens on a faster rate
and humidity goes up.
In the heat of the day,
we dread walking in the streets
which are now full of shady people
but so lacking in shady trees.

Majestic Trees

Trees are majestic in nature.
They grow strong and tall,
creating large canopy
to provide shade and shelter
for the many beings
which make trees their home.
They grow very old and wise
leaving a trail of stories
on their trunks and roots.
They are Earth's heritage
to the beings that call
Earth their home.

But alas, many majestic trees
are not allowed to grow
in the throne they sit on.
Many majestic trees
have been chopped down
in the name of development.
Many trees have been made
into pieces of furniture or home fittings.
Many trees have been turned
into pulp and paper.

In place, some trees are replanted.
But it takes years to replace
what has been taken out.
Some trees are replanted
but of a different kind,
the kind that is not of the place,
the kind that is from some place else,
the kind that does not provide
the shade and shelter of
what used to be.

It is sad to see such cruelty
made on Mother Nature,
when she has kept us
well fed and protected,
to see majestic trees felled
by a race which is superior
to the animal kingdom.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trees are Sacred

Trees are sacred,
trees are timeless.
Trees provide,
trees survive.
Trees are strong,
trees are flexible.
Trees shade,
trees shelter.
Trees make green and cool
a bright hot day.

Birds love trees,
trees are their homes,
trees provide them food,
trees provide their young shelter.

Trees can heal,
hug a tree.
Trees give us the oxygen we need to live.
Love a tree, plant a tree.

Watch the trees,
the leaves rustling gently in the breeze.
If there are no trees, there would be no birds.
If there are no birds, there would be no chirping.
If there are no chirping, there would be no earth.

Memories of the Past

Sitting by the window,
I have recollections of the past,
when I used to work
in a large organization.
I was an analyst,
numbers was my game.
Stare at numbers did I
all day and all night
to make sense of  what
the numbers are.
Facing challenges from
the many people in the organization
I had to know what I was talking about.
Tell it to their faces I would
not beat around the bush.
That made my days numbered
as I realized truth is not always valued.
People prefered to save face
and not want to hear the truth.

Now as I sit by my window
recovering from depression,
I see the past like watching a movie
with me as an actor.


Lightning flashes, thunder rumbles.
The afternoon sky darkens.
The air cools down suddenly.
The branches of the trees sway
with the breath of the wind.
The birds rush home.
We await the rain which is yet to fall.
The wind quickens.
More flashes and rumblings.
Cars go by with headlights on.
More wind.
A small drizzle starts.
Pitter, patter.
The rain starts to fall.
Louder and louder.
Heavier and heavier.

In the quiet of the night

In the quiet of the night,
my family is fast asleep.
I can hear them breathing
and snoring.
The fan is whirling.
The frogs are croaking.
It is all so peaceful.