Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain Dance Chant

Everytime it gets too hot for days
I do a rain chant.
Not exactly a rain dance
but just looking at the sky
so bright and cloudless
not even white clouds in sight.
I look beyond the hot day
and make an inner wish
for dark clouds and rain to come.
With the dark clouds come wind.
With wind comes a certain coolness in the air.

Lo and behold,
the clouds often come with the wind.
Then comes the lightning and thunder.
And finally the wondrous rain.
Sometimes it drizzles lightly
but a drizzle will not wash away
the hot, hazy, dusty day.
Sometimes it pours dogs and cats,
washing away sand and dirt from the road
in a torrential manner.
The fury of a tropical rainstorm.

When I was young, we were taught
to sing "Rain, rain, go away,
come again another day".
Now I sing "Rain, rain, come today,
wash away the dusty day".

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