Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anytime The Rain

I give thanks to the Sun
for shining its radiant light on Earth.
The sun provides not only light
but energy for healing.
Plants need the Sun for photosynthesis.
The Sun helps the body produce vitamin E.
The Sun kills germs.

But when the Sun is too strong,
it gets very hot in the day.
Plants start to wilt.
The air gets dry and acrid.
The Earth gets dry and cracks.
Our skin gets burned.

Which is why I like the rain.
Rain provides us with the much needed water
and it cools, cleans, clears and cleanse the earth.
It waters the plants and streams run clear.
The clouds and the wind that build up before the rain
add colour and excitement
to an otherwise bright day.
I like the Sun but
anytime the rain is god sent.

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