Friday, June 29, 2012

365 Cards Day 120 ~ Sparkle and Shine

Time to meet a treasured friend.  Let friendship sparkle and shine.

365 Cards Day 119 ~ Mail-able

My mail-able card fits a regular envelope and stamp. Sweet.

365 Cards Day 118 ~ A Little Shady

I looked at my stash of papers searching for shades of colors and thought about browns, blues, yellows and pinks before I decided to go purple heart.

My card is dedicated to all the brave hearted.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving My Cards to a Good Cause

A while ago, my son told me that his school is organizing a Carnival on July 1 to gather funds to upgrade their computers in school (which are rather old).  There and then, I decided to contribute my previously made cards for 365 Card Challenges to his class, with some proceeds coming back to me to cover the cost and buy more craft stuff.  At the same time, I will be making a bit of CAS cards which I hope both parents and pupils of the school will like to buy.  I will be pricing the cards between RM5 and RM10.  The entire contribution is not much but the more cards sold, the better.

So I have been very busy the last four days making 50 bookmarks and some 20 cards on top of what I have collated over the last four months of card making.  Still have 12 cards to complete as some of my early cards are not good enough to sell.

I really hope that the students of 6K will be able to sell out on Sunday.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

365 Cards Spotlight Designer for Day 112

My CAS card did it!  We got spotlighted for 365 Cards Day 112.  Yeepee!!  So excited, so proud.

365 Cards Day 117 ~ Breaking Traditions

I am staying with red, white and blue for a while, with various shades of blue this time for breaking traditions.  A kaleidoscope of fireworks for Independence or National Day or even Election Day.

365 Cards Day 116 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

It is a tag sketch apt for the 4th of July or France's National Day.  All red, white and blue.

365 Cards Day 115 ~ Cold

Another CAS card from me which is late for the weekly all stars on 365.  But better late than never, nonetheless, to keep the 365 Cards commitment going.  And not having the laptop to blog is not easy since it is being repaired.  Google Chrome has alerted me that my gmail account may have been  compromised.  Hope it is not the work of the technicians repairing my laptop.

Monday, June 25, 2012

365 Cards Day 114 ~ Color Scheme

My laptop is being repaired as the screen is not functioning well, something about the chipset needing a reflow and the inverter needs replacement. So I have to update the blog using the tab which is a bit inconvenient as I cannot copy paste stuff.  So this challenge is without the 365 Cards Color Combo swatch.  Anyway, the colors are, hmm..., like dark grey, dark green, brown and light grey.

The card is CAS and masculin.

Friday, June 22, 2012

365 Cards Day 113 ~ Nature

Word of the day is NATURE.  For me, nature comes close in my garden in the form of plants, flowers, birds and butterflies.

365 Cards Day 112 ~ Crunchy

Word for the challenge is CRUNCHY.  What sounds crunchy? Eating an apple, crunching a nut, crushing a brown leaf?  All of it.  That is what my CAS card is all about.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

365 Cards Day 111 ~ Music

The word of the day is

Another card I just loved making, again using Spring Jubilee's DS stack (pinkpaislee).  The paper I selected came with an image of a music sheet down at the bottom left.  I contrasted the background paper with a pink one with butterflies and flags from the same deck.  And as with many card makers, I love butterflies.  This is an ode to butterflies.  See how the butterflies are dancing jubilantly in the card?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

365 Cards Day 110 ~ Round

All week we'll be using some words to trigger your card design, and today's word is
There are no rules for this challenge other than to be inspired by the word "round".

This card is made with a sketch from The Outlawz Sketch Challenge for June 13.

Round shapes in circles, dots, spots and flowers.  That is how I see the shape all around.  Only that it is a rectangular card.  The pink doily is a sticker from MOMOYO which was mounted on a white card and cut out.  The butterfly button is from Spring Jubilee.  The flower is Irene's Bag o Blooms.  The letters that make up the word "Wish" is from Susan Branch's Scrapbooking.  Small pink florets die cut with the Cuttlebug.

365 Cards Day 109 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

It is rare to see two sketch challenges so close to each other which made my task much easier.  More scalloped squares and butterflies from me in brown and cream.  The patterned paper was one previously downloaded from Papercraft n Cardmaking.  The colors of the butterflies match the colors of the paper.  There are two options to this card.  Which do you prefer?

Monday, June 18, 2012

365 Cards Day 108 ~ Little Girl

Create a card using at least 3 images/items that you consider “girly”.  What you choose is completely up to you.

I have 3 sons and no daughter, hence, little experience with little girls, except for the times I see my now grown up nieces and lovely little Katherine, my next door neighbour's granddaughter.  None of these girls are really "girly", more like me when I was little, a little Tomboy.  So there is little pink in me.

My take on this card is unconventional of a girly card, using shades of brown, light brown and cream (with hints of pink in the background).  The girl stuff are the roses in the background patterned paper, the little handbag trinket, the butterfly and ribbon.

This card can be used as a birthday card or Confirmation card.  It is also submitted for Chocolate, Coffee and Cards Challenge 15 ~ Coffee and Cream.

365 Cards Day 107 ~ Color Scheme

This card is made using the sketch from Card Positioning Systems CPS270

At first, I hesitated wondering what the 4th color is (dark brown or black).  Decided to use black.  The two patterned papers in yellow and orange are from an old piece of wrapping paper (which I have used for numerous cards).  Placed a yellow butterfly on a red scalloped square, positioned diagonally and embellished with black jewels.  Completed the card with a double stamping of the sentiment (for a shadow effect).

Have a truly blessed and Happy Birthday!!

3-in-1 Challenges Card ~ Thinking of You

365 Cards Day 106 ~ See Through
Create two windows on your card - any where and any way you wish, just be sure to have something peeking through them.

The sketch I used is of Cardabilities Sketch #57 which I think is great for this card.

This card is also made for Daring Cardmakers' Challenge:
'A Hole in One'
This week I challenge you to use your punches and die cuts in the reverse, so don't use the cut out, use the part that's left, the hole!

The card turned out simply amazing, I think.  The normal window is a scalloped square I cut on the card directly to reveal a flower in the background.  Then I placed little scalloped squares of embossed cards to make up the other squares on the sketch.  Finally, the other window (or window on window) on the green scalloped square is a yellow flower which has a little violet flower in its hole and in that a green jewel peeking through.

Through the window of my heart, I am thinking of you...

Friday, June 15, 2012

365 Cards Day 105 ~ All Tied Up

... it doesn't need to be a card for a Father, but it does need to be a masculine card and it does need to have some sort of a "tie" on it.

My tie is made with a grosgrain ribbon.  Fortunately, I still remember how to tie one as I was a prefect in school many years ago as a teenager.  Somethings you just do not forget.

The card depicts Dad hanging up his tie for a day out in the Great Outdoors (apt for The Outlawz Greeting Challenge for June 11), bird and butterfly watching.  The binoculars, compass and "adventurous" sentiment are from K&Company while the patterned paper in the background is Spring Jubilee DS stack (with birds and insects in the sides) and the scalloped square is cut with Spellbinders Nestabilities.  The sentiment "Adventurous" can be replaced with Have a great outdoors Father's Day!!

This card is also submitted for Card Makin Mamas Challenge #47 Father's Day.

365 Cards Day 104 ~ Flip Flopped

Take a look outside your window - whatever season it is, whatever the weather, flip flop it on your card.  Simple as that.  Audrey is seeing nothing but rain where she's at, so she's dreaming of a warm sunshiney holiday.
How is it looking where you are at?  Let's see the opposite of that on your cards...

It is blistering hot in Malaysia, with no rain for the past few weeks, and the haze is back (no blue skies).  So I am wishing for the rain to come cool down and refresh the outside air.  The plants and trees look like they need a wash down.  And here is my card...  The teddy image was downloaded from Google Images a while back and colored in pencils.

365 Cards Day 103 ~ Keep It Together

Create a flap on your card that is attached to it in any fashion you wish.

For this challenge, I used the frame of Nature die cut from the Cuttlebug to make a red door (to ensure zero wastage), scored the side to make the flap.  Instead of using the same colored inner frame, I used one cut earlier in green and glued that in place, and mounted a brown foam butterfly over it.  The actual red butterfly is seen flapping its wings away.  As for the flower, the red centres remain.  To complete the door, I used jewels as the door hinges and a jeweled flower as the door knob.  The sentiments are simple - HI and BYE.

This card is also suitable for The Outlawz Twisted Thursday Challenge for June 14 (Anything Goes - Animal).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fruity Card for Outlawz CAS Challenge June 10

This is a card I thought and toyed about like for days, how to capture the challenge in the best way, and then realized that it is a CAS project.  Keep it smart and simple (KISS) so with Spring Jubilee's DS stack paper, a die-cut cardstock from K&Company and some red and green ribbon, I made my SWEET card.

Monday, June 11, 2012

365 Cards Day 102 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

Another sketch and card that I love.  Made this card with BoBunny's Noteworthy die-cut and overlayed with a small blue card embossed with the Cuttlebug.  Placed a circle card from Spring Jubilee DS stack which I got from Cardmaking and Papercraft Magazine, embellished with some jewels.  Tied the ribbon bow.  To complete the card, glued on a die-cut sentiment "missing you".  This card is also submitted for The Outlawz Color Challenge CC060512 and Craft Your Passion Challenge 114 (Anything Goes).

365 Cards Day 101 ~ Imagine This: Dancing

Today I spent my morning at my daughters' dress rehearsal for dance. So it seems fitting to have a challenge called Imagine This: Dancing.
Even though DoBea chose a beautiful ballerina for her card, you can choose anything that suits you as long as it's inspired by the theme of dancing.

Initially, I thought that this would be a difficult card to make as I had nothing that denoted Dancing.  Then an idea came to me and I found this photo from my old Yoga book (an earlier image was used in one of my earliest cards with 365).  I centered the cut out image over a ribbon and decked them with jewels.

The card was completed with a plain blue paper, with a ribbon tied over and the sentiment tag from K&Company.  In the end, this became my favourite card of the week.

365 Cards Day 100 ~ Color Scheme

Worked on this card using the larger die-cut from K&Company and the little label from BoBunny Noteworthy.  Tied them in place with a brown ribbon.  To complete the card, I pasted the reverse cut out image of a butterfly on foam using the Cuttlebug while the butterfly is kept for future use.  The card looks elegantly retro and can be used as a friendship card.

365 Cards Day 99 ~ Picture This

Time to flip through those scenic photographs and put one on your card.  You can incorporate it into the card design however you want.

I have lots of photos on picasa but very few are printed out in hard copies (think green - save paper).  So it was rather hard to get this one out.  I thought of cheating and cutting a photo off a magazine but decided not to as I found a photo which would do this challenge good.  It is a scene in a village resort some place in Johor, Malaysia where we brought our boys to one holiday.  This was cut to size and placed on a die-cut cardstock from K&Company.

365 Cards Day 98 ~ Heavy Metal

"Heavy Metal"
But I'm not talking about music, I'm talking about metal embellishments - the heavier, the better to fit this challenge.

This card is made using Freshly Made Sketches FMS38.

Somehow, I love simple sketches.  It is made striking by the colors parchment blue on black and yellow (with a touch of gold).  The gold butterfly is recycled from a little cake box which I got for my nephew's wedding two weeks ago, the buckle and black leather strip is recycled from a headband that had broken.  The sentiment is handwritten in gold.

Friday, June 8, 2012

365 Cards Day 97 ~ That Looks Familiar

Take a look at a card you've made in the past - it doesn't have to be one you've made for 365 Cards, any one will do - and use the same elements to create a new card design.

Took the card I made for 365 Cards Day 46 Super Sketchy Sunday and refreshed it for Father's Day and Outlawz TT060712.  Basically I removed the flowers, turned the card to portrait, added the embellished butterflies, and stamped in the sentiment.



365 Cards Day 96 ~ ABC's and 123's

Let's see a letter/number combo for your sentiment.

Made a very simple card for this challenge using Clean and Simple Stamping Sketch 193.

Used a China made ladybug cling stamp which I got as a set from our local bookstore and stamped it 3 times, twice on grey tone and once in charcoal black.  Colored them in pencils and dotted the spots with glitter glue.  Stamped in the "Happy Birthday" sentiment, added the sticker number "3" and stamped in the "rd".  Completed the card with Hero Art leaf stamps all over in green.  The card, a little buggy for a 3rd challenge, The Outlawz Greeting Challenge GC060412.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

365 Cards Day 95 ~ Super Sketchy Sunday

I have always stuck to sketches as closely as I can but this time, I decided to keep the card plain as I am using parchment paper and instead of the circle on the bottom left corner, I am using a rectangle with an embossed image by the Cuttlebug.  Kept it really simple and it can be used as a wedding card, a graduation card, or a christening card.

Submitted this card for The Outlawz CAS Challenge for May 27.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spotlighted on 365 Cards for Day 85

Hurray!! I got spotlighted again on 365 Cards for my card Day 85.

Thank you 365 Cards, Pam and team of DTs for the recognition.  Thanks to the Cuttlebug too for the super butterfly diecuts.

365 Cards Day 94 ~ Sketch in Reverse

Yet another Japanese influenced card for this sketch, used Japanese origami papers.

365 Cards Day 93 ~ Color Scheme

The card

365 Cards Day 92 ~ Wear and Tear

Use some sanding (or some similar form of distressing on your card) and then include some tearing.

Maybe an early Halloween card or peekaboo card.  The purple and biege papers are torn on the side and aged with an old gold stamp pad.  Hello stamped in using typewriter alphabets.  Eyes on fingers peeking out of the corner is cut out of an old catalogue.  Creepy...

365 Cards Day 91 ~ Imagine This: Wood

Here's a nice little Imagine This challenge. Think "Wood", and design a card however this inspires you.

I liked this challenge as it is pretty green and woody.  The "woody" paper came with a twig of leaves and that made it look super fresh.  The sentiment card was made to complement the overall green and brown look.

365 Cards Day 90 ~ Layered

Create 4 layers, using any elements of your choosing, on your card.

For this card, I used pink windmill and tartan paper on biege card, chip topper by Bazzil Basics Paper, pink flowers in 4 layers as well, and completed it with a contrasting ribbon.