Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giving My Cards to a Good Cause

A while ago, my son told me that his school is organizing a Carnival on July 1 to gather funds to upgrade their computers in school (which are rather old).  There and then, I decided to contribute my previously made cards for 365 Card Challenges to his class, with some proceeds coming back to me to cover the cost and buy more craft stuff.  At the same time, I will be making a bit of CAS cards which I hope both parents and pupils of the school will like to buy.  I will be pricing the cards between RM5 and RM10.  The entire contribution is not much but the more cards sold, the better.

So I have been very busy the last four days making 50 bookmarks and some 20 cards on top of what I have collated over the last four months of card making.  Still have 12 cards to complete as some of my early cards are not good enough to sell.

I really hope that the students of 6K will be able to sell out on Sunday.

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