Monday, March 5, 2012

365 Cards Day 3 ~ Pretty in Pink

Challenge for Day 3 proved to be challenging for me as I am not quite a pink person.  It took a while to piece the puzzle together with all the pink stuff I could collate in a short while.  I "recycled" some leftover material which I had used previously (so some of the stuff are related to my recent creations).

I would call this card "In the Pink of Health" with the smiling Matryoshka doll as something which symbolizes good health and longevity to me as it is often given as a keepsake gift.  The doll stands out in 3D and so does the pink flower on her head.

I hope you like this card.

Love and light.


  1. Lovely pink card. Love the doll :) very sweet. I am so glad you are participating in the challenges! Keep it up :) You make lovely cards.

  2. I love your card! The doll is darling!! Thank you for joining us over at 365 Cards!!!


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