Wednesday, March 14, 2012

365 Cards Day 12 ~ Ad Inspired

The challenge
This challenge got me going last night from 9 when Derrick, my hubby, started the washing machine in preparation of the scheduled water cut today.  The laundry was to be done by 10.30 so I was happy to stay up while the rest of the family went to bed at 10.

At first, I needed to get a sketch of a sofa couch that I would like.  Googled Blue's Clues Steve's Chair but did not get the image I wanted.  So I looked around for pictures or photos of something I would like.  Finally traced it off Susan Branch's scrapbook, cut it out on shiny embossed ivory paper and shaded in the outline.  Cut out purple shiny foam for the cushions and stuck in the flower and heart earrings.

This took me up to 11 to hang up the laundry.

Background is made up of two patterned paper scraps and blue ribbon.  Mounted the chair/sofa/couch on the background piece.  Then used a page off an old Moments Daily Quotes (@1997 by Heartland Samplers, Inc.), apt for this card, with some jewels on the fold, and slotted it in to complete the card.  It was only ready this morning.

Happy Home Warming!!

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  1. Love the pillows! What a great take on the 365 Cards ad inspired challenge, thanks for joining us.


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