Friday, March 23, 2012

365 Cards Day 21 ~ You're Included

Challenge says
Sticker (at least one),
Ink (you can apply this anyway you want),
and at least one piece of patterned paper.

Ink.  Ink!  Ink?  I had no inkling to what ink was to card making.  So I googled and searched for what it is instead of using poster color or color pencils.  Ahh.. stamping ink.  Stamping ink?  But I ain't got any!!  Hold your horses, just go out and get some.

So I decided to take a day off card making yesterday, held on to see what Day 22 was all about, and went window shopping at 1-Utama.  I walked around fast and with determination.  I had to get some ink (and some nice stickers).  Found Craft Haven and spent about an hour in the shop, looking at everything they had.  Finally picked up Versafine pigment ink in smokey gray and 2 foam stamps.  Went over to Jusco and got some stickers, including MOMOYO puffy stickers (pink lace).

Got home to prepare dinner for the family.  I wanted to start designing the cards after dinner but then Joey (my youngest) decided he wants to make a alternative card for his Godma as he was not happy with the one he made earlier.  So I spent time guiding him with his card first.  And here it is.

Godma's new birthday card on left, present on right
So I actually started on Day 21 card this morning.  First, I inked the base card with the Versafine pigment ink in smokey gray, then I imprinted 2 flowers on another piece of card and cut them out.  Colored one in pink/purple and smudged the other with ... guess what, my old Bobby Brown eye shadows!!!  Then I decided to smudge the card all over with Bobby Brown.  Placed 2 pieces of patterned papers over a pink ribbon, placed the cutout stamped flowers and mounted them on.  The sticker used is a sakura flower sticker from MOMOYO which is first stuck on card and then cut out and mounted on.

I must say the card looks rather Japanese, like a folded kimono.  So here is to springtime...

Also submitted to Flower Creations GGSC106 

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