Friday, July 20, 2012

365 Cards Day 140 ~ Layered Stamps

This challenge is all about layering stamps, specifically background stamps.  You can layer as many as you like, and if you don't have background stamps, you can use any type of stamp.

I am not yet a good stamper.  My collection of stamps is still rather limited compared to many of you out there, and I do not have any background stamps just yet.  I wasted some good paper trying it out (disastrously) before I decided to improvise and hand die-cut a tree trunk out of a piece of card.  But instead of using the cut out as a stamp, I used the card as a stencil and stamped ink through the cut out using brown ink.  Stamped through 3 tree trunks (tongue twister) and stamped Hero Art's leaf fronts away in 2 shades of green.

Used 2 methods of applying the grass.  First, I stamped the bottom stalks of a flower bunch stamp in Momento Dew Drops New Sprout, then I used the edge of Momento Dew Drops Bamboo Leaves green.  The little meadow flowers are part of a Hero Art stamp.    I had to stamp a message but had nothing which reflects nature or trees, so I chose Hero Art's "enjoy life" in place.  The dragonflies were an after thought.  Should have just stamped a couple instead of 7.

I love nature and I love trees!

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