Sunday, July 8, 2012

365 Cards Day 127 ~ Imagine This: Money

Bonsai plants are a symbol of longevity and prosperity in the East, particularly in Japan and China.  So for this challenge, what comes to mind is a money tree for prosperity.  I cut out the base of a die-cut bird cage to form the bonsai pot, drew in the trunk of a bonsai in brown color pencil, and stamped in the leaves with Hero stamp in 3 colors using Momento Dew Drops inks, plonked in some pink flowers with another Hero stamp, and stuck five one cent copper coins on the lower branches of the tree.

Money tree akin to saving.  I always tell my boys that money does not grow on trees, that they should save up their allowances and angpows (red packets which they receive during the Chinese New Year) for a rainy day or for when they want to get something they really like.  They each have their own bank accounts for all that and manage their pocket money.  So this card, the money tree is dedicated to my sons.


  1. LOVE!!!! your stamping is beautiful and i love how you used the birdcage die for the base. how clever to add real coins :)
    so glad you keep on playing with us on 365 cards :)

  2. woo... the good ol' 1cent coins! Creative addition to the bonsai.
    Thanks for joining us at 365cards!


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