Monday, March 11, 2013

A Poem About A Tropical Thunderstorm

This blog was initially created to jot down little poems about life and nature, but it digressed to cards as I discovered the hobby of card making.  Today I wish to write a poem inspired by a tropical storm.

A Tropical Thunderstorm

The clouds build up
amidst the heat of the day.
The pressure changes,
the wind builds up,
the temperature drops.
The rain arrives.
Peter, patter, it starts.
Soon it is pouring.
The lightning strikes,
the thunder booms,
the rumble in the sky.
The wind slows down
into a breeze,
the rain turns into a drizzle.
All around it is wet,
the trees refreshed.
The rumbling in the sky remains,
the birds begin to chirp.
It becomes very quiet
but for the rumblings.
The earth is cleansed,
dirt and dust washed away,
the air is nice and cool.

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