Saturday, October 13, 2012

CAS Happy Birthday Card

What's up with Washi tape?
It seems to be the current rage like the Korean Psy's Oppa Gungnam Style.
Here are two challenges to use washi tapes.
Friday Mashup FM80 Mash It Up (Sketch and Faux Washi Tape)
Use some sort of tape - Duct, Washi, plain old scotch tape - on your card.

I don't have the actual washi tape.
What I have are printed tapes (faux washi tape) which can take the place of real washi tape.
So it is ideal for the mashup.
As you all well know, I like CAS cards
so this taped card is really simple.
Two different tapes, two strips each,
and a lovely Mrs Grossman's sentiment sticker.
It's a CAS Happy Birthday card
which radiates love and light.


  1. Super cute CAS card, Caroline! I love the sun/heart combination and your description... Very beautiful. Glad to see you again this week at The Friday Mashup :)

  2. Beautiful! I haven't used washi before this challenge either. Very fun! Thanks for joining the Friday Mashup this week.


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