Thursday, May 3, 2012

365 Cards Day 61 ~ Layered

Layering in card making is fun, and looks great, and the word "layered" can refer to lots of things.
In this case I'm talking about layering stamps.  One great way to do this is to stamp an image on top of a background stamp, which is what I did in the card below

Since I read about this challenge, I have been troubled because I do not have many stamps and stamping pads.  This whole afternoon was spent trying out various options but the creative juice was not flowing.  Will try again tomorrow.

The morrow came and still I had some mental block to the card.  So I made this one, not exactly stamped, more stamp like rather.  The brown blue images (stamp like, layered) are actually cutouts of a Mornflake muesli box (layered, recycling).  The card is to Mother Earth.


  1. I like what you did, so clever and inovative. Warm wishes

  2. I think you did a beautiful job with this card!


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