Friday, May 4, 2012

Outlawz SC050212 & 365 Cards Day 62 Combi

Outlawz CS050212 Sketch
Today we've got a trio of items that must be included on your cards. 
Here's how it works - I give you 3 items and you incorporate them in your card design.
Here are the 3 things: Something Pink, an Animal, and Patterned Paper

The best of both worlds - sometimes things work out best when you put two ideas together to hatch ONE.  So I consciously decided to work on these two challenges together synergistically (if there is such a word).  Or SYNTHESIS.  Or when worlds collide.  So the sketch is from Outlawz and the elements from 365 Cards.  The animal is cute lil Princess Dot from A Bug's Life, Princess Atta's baby sister.


  1. Super cute! Hope you'll play at The Outlawz all the time!

  2. What a great card! Well done on the sketch and that bug is the cutest!


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