Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Was Spotlighted in 365 Cards for Day 78

I am ... pleasantly surprised to be spotlighted for my card for Day 78.  Thank you 365 DTs for the honor for a 2nd time.  And I was just thinking to myself this morning that I may have to give the 365 commitment up as I get so worked up making the cards especially when there is little time.  I guess this motivates me further to keep the commitment.

Another pleasant surprise (well not quite a surprise) is getting my Cuttlebug V2 which was purchased by my brother Frankie in West Virginia from Joann's and lugged back to Malaysia by my sister Margaret.  You see, my sister has just returned from a month's holiday in good old USA with her husband SG.  Since paper crafting stuff are so expensive here, I got my brother to purchase the stuff (the Cuttlebug, dies, stamps, papers, flowers) from Joann's online and my sister brought them back safe and sound.  I am just so excited to get started on the Cuttlebug.

So today is a day of GRACE and GRATITUDE.  I sent a thank you message to my brother and sister for their support, and now I say thank you to 365 Cards for the honor.  Also thanks to Annie Ling who actually led me to card making and 365 with her lovely cards, and thanks to all the new found friends on 365 and The Outlawz Challenges.  The card making fraternity is truly a supportive sisterhood which I am proud to be linked to.

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