Tuesday, April 17, 2012

365 Cards Day 47 ~ White Space

Today I’m tackling a white space challenge and here’s how it works…
When designing your card, keep all the decorations to the blacked out areas if you can.

I love cards with lots of white space!  And I definitely love this challenge!!!  Used to buy Hallmark cards with lots of white when I was young.  Pasted the doily sticker on to parchment paper, cut it out and mounted it on the white base.  Cut 3 squares of the same parchment paper with scallop scissors and mounted them.  Finally tied this lovely Grosgrain ribbon which I just got this afternoon and stuck it on the centre square to complete the look.  Used the ribbon as I wanted to leave the squares empty.

Sometimes, the simplest and plainest of things are best to reflect a clear and simple message.  This card shouts out love and light to me.

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