Monday, April 30, 2012

365 Cards Day 59 ~ All Boy...Sort Of

From the title of this challenge you probably guessed that it’s about creating a card fit for a boy.
But we don’t like it to be that simple, so let’s add the challenging part…
Create a birthday card for a boy, but skip the traditional BLUE color.

I asked my boys "What kind of birthday card would you like to receive?" and they just replied "Any kind."  I asked them about colors and they said "Any color."  I asked "What if it is a pink card?".  They replied "It's OK.".  Hmm... and they can be so specific about their birthday party and presents.  "I want a NERF gun", "I want The Hunger Games Trilogy", "I want a RIPSTIK waveboard".

I decided to go on my own way to make this card.  My guys and I like reptiles (in fact they bugged me for a green snake a while back but green snakes eat life white mice).  We especially like the green iguana because of its spiky look and the fact that it is a herbivore (so no need to get life food).

My initial card did not have any creativity in it, so I decided to make a new one, using the same green iguana lizard image which I like very much.  This time, I thought about the layout and used 3 different patterned papers for contrast.  Stuck the Happy Birthday sticker on a card base and cut it out before mounting it on the left top corner.  To complete the look, I lined a piece of ribbon just under the lizard and stuck 3 green buttons on the bottom right.

This card is also meant for Sentimental Sundays Challenge #100
This week's challenge is:
Cards for KIDS
(plus a sentiment)

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  1. Very creative idea. Thanks for sharing your great card with us at Sentimental Sundays.


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